mis-cel-la-ne-ous; adjective.
1. (of items or people gathered or considered together) Of various types or from different sources.

I run this blog in the same way that I allow my mind to run my body; constantly and unpredictably. Like an itch that requires urgent, if unnecessary, attention, I find myself gravitating towards this empty canvas of ideas and thoughts.

Here, I can splash a pain onto the tapestry of language, and a meaning emerges from behind the curious heads of the letters. Their tiny legs carry them from reader to reader, bearing on their backs ideas, beliefs and reckonings.

I will not try to change you, if you do not try to change me. I ask only that when you find me, for you will in these pages, treat me nicely.
May 5th
5:40 PM

Do real, loving relationships actually exist any more, or are they some antiquated idea that the 21st century has taken it upon itself to entirely disprove?

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